Flavors that Tell Stories

At our company, the distance between Portugal and your palate is shortened through the careful selection of food products. From the juicy fruits that blossom under the Iberian sun to the homemade jams that celebrate the sweetness of life, from the wine that flows like a tribute to the land, from the cheeses of the mountains that we produce with all the love and dedication to the olive oil that is the essence of our Mediterranean diet, each item is chosen to offer a genuine and delicious experience.




Discover the Bravo de Esmolfe apple, a unique and tasty variety that is the perfect choice for apple lovers.

Medium to small in size and oblong-conical in shape, its whitish skin sometimes has lovely reddish spots.

This apple is known for its white, soft and juicy flesh, which is incredibly sweet and has an intense and pleasant aroma, making it truly unique.



Savour the natural sweetness of our fresh raspberries.

These little red jewels are known for their irresistible flavour and are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your desserts, cereals or salads. Raspberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, making them not only delicious, but also a healthy choice.

Experience the freshness and vibrant colour of raspberries in every bite.