Flavors that Tell Stories

At our company, the distance between Portugal and your palate is shortened through the careful selection of food products. From the juicy fruits that blossom under the Iberian sun to the homemade jams that celebrate the sweetness of life, from the wine that flows like a tribute to the land, from the cheeses of the mountains that we produce with all the love and dedication to the olive oil that is the essence of our Mediterranean diet, each item is chosen to offer a genuine and delicious experience.

Jelly jams

Jelly jams


Delight yourself with our selection of jam, an explosion of flavours in every spoonful. Try our pumpkin jam, a perfect blend of soft sweetness and velvety texture that is the ideal companion for bread and toast. Or enjoy the intense sweetness of our strawberry jam, made with fresh, ripe strawberries that will make your morning brighter.

If you're a fan of the unique taste of raspberries, you can't miss our raspberry jam, with its explosion of flavour and aroma that make it truly special. And for an even more intense flavour experience, try our blueberry jam, a real delicacy with the unparalleled sweetness of blueberries.

Each jar is carefully prepared with high quality ingredients and love, guaranteeing a gastronomic experience that will satisfy your senses. Choose your favourite jam or try our entire range for a real flavour adventure.

Turn your meals into special moments with our handmade jam jars.