Flavors that Tell Stories

At our company, the distance between Portugal and your palate is shortened through the careful selection of food products. From the juicy fruits that blossom under the Iberian sun to the homemade jams that celebrate the sweetness of life, from the wine that flows like a tribute to the land, from the cheeses of the mountains that we produce with all the love and dedication to the olive oil that is the essence of our Mediterranean diet, each item is chosen to offer a genuine and delicious experience.




Explore our exceptional collection of artisanal liqueurs, a carefully curated selection that offers a variety of unique flavours to enrich your special moments. Delight in the smoothness of our fig leaf liqueur, an authentic journey into the flavours of the Mediterranean tradition.

If you're a coffee lover, you'll fall in love with our coffee liqueur, with the aromatic intensity and richness of flavour that only good coffee can provide. Fruit lovers will adore our blueberry liqueur, with the enveloping sweetness and fresh flavour of blueberries, and the lemon liqueur, which combines citrus acidity with a unique smoothness.

For a true Portuguese experience, be sure to try our pastel de nata liqueur, which captures the indulgence of the famous sweet in an irresistibly smooth liqueur. And for a touch of spice, the cinnamon liqueur offers comforting warmth and an aromatic flavour that delights the senses.

Each bottle is meticulously produced with top quality ingredients and unrivalled passion, guaranteeing an exceptional taste experience. 

Choose your favourite liqueur or dive into a tasting journey to discover all our exclusive flavours. Celebrate life and toast with our artisanal liqueurs, taking every occasion to a truly special level of flavour and pleasure.


Medronho Brandy

We present our Aguardente de Medronho, a true jewel of our cultural heritage and artisanal tradition. Produced from the fruit of the strawberry tree, this brandy is distilled with care and passion to create a unique and unrivalled drink.

The arbutus, with its intense flavour and captivating aroma, gives rise to a brandy that is smooth on the palate and offers an extraordinary taste experience.

Enjoy our Aguardente de Medronho as an elegant aperitif or as part of sophisticated cocktails, where every sip is a tribute to the richness of our heritage and the passion that goes into every bottle produced.

Toast to authenticity and quality with our Aguardente de Medronho, a true expression of the traditional flavour of our region.