About Us

Welcome to the heart of Portuguese authenticity, where tradition and innovation come together to create a unique experience for your senses. We are a company rooted in the beautiful town of Mangualde, Portugal, dedicated to sharing the richness of our food products and the charm of the real estate market.



Our Root

Founded in Mangualde, we are the embodiment of love for the land and Portuguese culture. Our passion for preserving our country's culinary and architectural legacy is evident in everything we do. Every product we offer and every property we broker reflects our connection to Portuguese traditions, combining it with the modernity needed to meet today's tastes and needs.



Flavors that Tell Stories

At our company, the distance between Portugal and your palate is shortened through the careful selection of food products. From the juicy fruits that blossom under the Iberian sun to the homemade jams that celebrate the sweetness of life, from the wine that flows like a tribute to the land, from the cheeses of the mountains that we produce with all the love and dedication to the olive oil that is the essence of our Mediterranean diet, each item is chosen to offer a genuine and delicious experience.



Beyond Taste: Our Real Estate

But we don't stop there. As a passionate real estate company, we help you find your haven on Portuguese soil. From quaint country houses to stylish city apartments, we offer a diverse range of properties that capture the essence of life in Portugal. Every historic street and charming alley becomes part of your story when you choose to make Portugal your home.



Our Promise

When you choose us, you don't just purchase products or properties, you join a journey that celebrates the past and embraces the future. Every detail is designed to honor traditions, enhance quality and inspire discovery. Our team, with experience in both the world of food and real estate, is here to guide you and ensure that your journey with us is memorable and rewarding.

Embark with us on this quest for the essence of Portugal, where flavors and spaces come together to create an enriching and authentic experience. We look forward to sharing our love for the country and helping you create lasting memories, one bite and one visit at a time.



Come discover the soul of Portugal in every flavor and space with us.